Your Single Platform for Coatings and Coating Systems

Your Single Platform for Coatings and Coating Systems

We are a trusted supplier of vacuum coating deposition systems and coatings. We provide anti-wear, low-friction, and durable products which may be customized to enhance flexibility, hydrophobic and high-temperature resistant (to 1200°C) qualities.

Our customized services ensure easy production, reduced downtime and waste for firms of all sizes.

Commitment to Quality

Our clients benefit from 25 years of global coating expertise. A vast library of experience in numerous industries and applications allows us to partner with you on your most challenging objectives, while our skilled team ensures professional and customized solutions.

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Thin Film Service

Proprietary Solutions

At Thin Film Service, we deliver consulting, designing, developing, and manufacturing turnkey systems with cutting-edge data logging capabilities. This helps us provide excellent customer support and offer our clients a competitive edge. We provide hard coatings on a variety of substrates, which are innovative, flexible, and cost-effective.

Commitment to Safety

All products leave the factory either with an UL label and/or a CE label. Unlike European OEM's who can self-certify , here at TFS we apply 8D (Eight Disciplines) and use Safexpert along with an external regulatory body for our CE compliance where the highest safety level or performance level e (Pl e) is achieved according to ISO13849-1. TFS promotes quality, safety and performance.

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User wellbeing

At Thin Film Service, we commit to the safety and wellbeing of the operator and user. Liquid precursors vessels are sight glass free and made of double-walled stainless with magnetic level detection. Several months of R&D went into the design of our pressurized vessels that contain no sight glasses or plastics which are vulnerable to breakage and leakage. Fill height is according to International standard regarding machine safety